The latest draw of Express Entry applicants to be issued with ITA (Invitation To Apply) increased from 2772 on September 6, 2017 to 2871 on September 20, 2017. Eligible candidates had to meet the criteria for selection in one of the programs under the Express Entry System, which include:

  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC);
  • Federal Skilled Worker Class (FSWC);
  • Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC)

The total number of candidates in the Express Entry pool was on a high, too. Candidates are ranked from the system based on several factors, e.g., work experience, language ability, education, etc.

Successful candidates are selected based on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Those with a minimum score of 433 were issued with an ITA. For months, the number of applicants with a CRS score of 431 – 440 has been on a steady rise. The threshold score for selection dropped from the previous 435 points.

It is therefore important to submit your application at the earliest possible time. The ranking also takes into account the date of submission of your request. You will increase your chances of receiving an ITA by submitting your application earlier.

If you do not know what category you fall into and are interested in immigrating to Canada, you can fill out our Online Assessment Form.

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