Choosing to buy a condominium often comes with its own set of challenges when compared to buying a residential property. However, they both require the expertise of a trusted Real Estate Lawyer.

Whether you are considering buying a pre-owned or a pre-construction condominium, you should always discuss your needs and potential future steps with a lawyer.

Lawyers will help you review any and all offers presented to you, and will advise you about what financial arrangements need to be made. Different builders have different terms and conditions on the Agreements of Purchase and Sale, so you want to be sure you have all the necessary paperwork for the transaction to occur smoothly.

Aman Law Firm will always sit down and review the document with you before you sign. If you are in Ontario, you have a 10-day cooling off period where you can discuss any concerns with your lawyer and decide whether you want to continue with the deal or cancel it. Once the period elapses, you will be bound by the agreement.