Buying or selling a house can be overwhelming, especially when there are multiple optionsand legalities to consider. Since Real Estate is a market-driven industry, you may be faced with advice from various people from a multitude of backgrounds and sectors, includingrealtors, banks, and insurance agents.

So, when is it ideal to hire the services of a lawyer? If you are a buyer considering buying a house, you should consult and discuss your future steps with a lawyer. As a seller, you should seek the services of an attorney the moment you plan to sell your property.

Our lawyer’s top priority is to put the client’s interestand need first. We will help you understand andchoose the best option that best suits your needs.

Before you sign an offer, you should be aware of what exactly you’re agreeing to. An offer is a legal binding document. A good lawyer will guide you through the offer, outlining what terms and conditions apply to you, and advise whether you should sign the agreement or not. At AmanLaw Firm, we ensure the protection of our client’s rights by reviewing any and all legal documents in hand; thus helping them manage the pressures involved in selling or buying a property.

Our areas of expertise include: Residential Buying & Selling; Commercial Buying & Selling; Investments/Condos Buying & Selling, with a focus in Ontario.